Pete Reed Biography
Pete Reed         I am a self-taught photographer who believes that rather than trying to be part of someone else's big thing, I should create something big and invite others to be a part of it.


I love how photography slows me down and brings me into the moment, allowing me to filter out the world at large and zero in on a unique slice of life. I love the places photography takes me and the courage it gives me to try new things.


But most of all, I love how others see my images, because their perspective is so different than my own, and that in itself is a beautiful thing.


In my early days, I became very aware of the time that passed between the pressing of the shutter and the developing of the film; I really enjoyed the trip back to the darkroom, the anticipation, the wondering, the see if the image I imagined was realized. And now, years later, it's no different.


My inspiration is usually born from an idea, experience, or perspective that I want to explore. I think it's important to stop and examine the scenes in everyday life that we often take for granted. I also believe that it's important to go after those one-day-I-will moments and make them happen now. That explains why I'll wake up at 3 AM and wander the streets of Paris to capture the city while it sleeps.


For most of the past year, I focused my attention and camera on the sky, making sure to wake before the sun to witness spectacular sunrises or stop dead in my tracks and look skyward to appreciate the patterns, shapes, and colors - a beautiful perspective that I often miss.


I hope you enjoy my images as much as I enjoy creating them.


I was born in Melbourne, Australia and now live in Colorado.


In case you're wondering, 3 Little Birds Photography is named for the Bob Marley song - it has good energy.



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